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Oct 13 2016

Tidal energy potential tested in Tasmania's Tamar

In an important step for this emerging form of renewable energy, a tidal energy turbine has been installed in the Tamar estuary in Launceston, Tasmania, as part of a project to investigate and optimise the device’s performance.

Oct 11 2016

AMC exports maritime training expertise to the United Arab Emirates

The Australian Maritime College has begun delivery of its first coastal seafaring course in the United Arab Emirates.

Oct 11 2016

Maritime economics prize for AMC lecturer

An AMC lecturer has been awarded a prize in a thesis competition hosted by the world’s foremost maritime economics organisation.

Oct 1 2016

Opinion: Realising the potential of Australia’s shipping connectivity to the world

IMO World Maritime Day opinion piece by Dr Yuquan Du and Dr Wenming Shi

Sep 29 2016

From work placement to operations management—before graduation

In less than a year, Robert Daly has gone from Draftsman at a Gold Coast start-up to Operations Manager overseeing 20 projects—an impressive feat for a 21-year-old who’s yet to graduate.