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Sep 29 2016

Opinion: Realising the potential of Australia’s shipping connectivity to the world

How should Australia improve its international trade connectivity? IMO World Maritime Day opinion piece by Dr Yuquan Du and Dr Wenming Shi

Sep 26 2016

Complete reliability of unmanned vessels ‘unrealistic’—new research

While the development of unmanned ships is progressing at an unprecedented rate, a study carried out at the Australian Maritime College warns that completely autonomous vessels are unlikely to be viable—nor deliver the widely anticipated economic and safety benefits. 

Sep 20 2016

Graduates and onshore industry to benefit from employability skills research

An international research collaboration led by the Australian Maritime College has been awarded a grant to help ensure that maritime business degrees equip students with the skills needed by the onshore industry.

Sep 14 2016

Study the essentials of exporting and importing from anywhere in the world

The Australian Maritime College is offering an introductory course on exporting and importing this spring that can be studied online by both existing students and the general public.

Sep 13 2016

Best PhD prize for research into safe manoeuvring of AUVs near submarines

An AMC researcher who investigated how underwater drones should safely manoeuvre when they operate near submarines has been awarded a medal for excellence in postgraduate research.