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Bespoke program delivered in Chinese

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Guangzhou University staff with AMC's Dr Vera Zhang (far left) and Professor Nataliya Nikolova (5th from left).

Tasmania might not seem like the obvious location for delivery of a professional development program entirely in Mandarin.

But ten academic staff from Guangzhou Maritime University, China, have just completed a three-week program delivered by the Australian Maritime College’s Chinese-speaking lecturers and organised by the College’s commercial arm, AMC Search.

Guangzhou Maritime University’s Professor Chunxiang Li explained the bespoke maritime program was designed to improve the teaching and research capabilities of the attendees while strengthening global ties.

“As well as helping improve the capabilities of our staff, overseas training also facilitates international collaboration under the globalization of higher education,” he said.

A packed education package included topics such as port management, blended learning and high-tech ships, with the Chinese academics reporting differences in teaching methods and tools.

“Things are done differently at AMC: the College uses advanced blended learning and teaching, which hasn’t yet been developed in our institute,” Professor Yuhong Nie said.

Dr Hu Lei explained the highlight had been the maritime facilities available at the College.

“We visited a number of labs, research hub and multimedia classrooms, many of which were very inspiring,” he said.

Outside the classroom, the visitors made the most of their time in the state, with AMC Search arranging trips to sights such as Cradle Mountain.

Their travels left an impression on the delegation, who praised Tasmania’s “amazing wildlife” and “beautiful” surroundings.

AMC’s Dr Jiangang (Johnny) Fei spent over a year working with Guangzhou Maritime University to develop the program, with support from Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, A/Professor Shuhong Chai.

Dr Fei and A/Professor Chai also delivered the classes over the three week period, along with Dr Christopher Chin and Dr Peggy Shu-Ling Chen.

Dr Fei says he hopes the program will boost collaboration between the two institutions.

“This course has consolidated our bond with Guangzhou Maritime University and kick-started closer collaboration in the areas of advancing global maritime higher education and student recruitment.”

AMC Search CEO, Dean Cook, explained that they were able to offer bespoke, multi-lingual education and training programs because of the unique capabilities of the Australian Maritime College.  

“Thanks to AMC’s international lecturers and AMC Search’s 30 plus years of experience running bespoke courses, we were able to put together a package to meet Guangzhou University’s exact needs.”

More information on AMC Search.

Published on: 08 Mar 2017