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What do our students do next? Laura Blazic

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Laura Blazic pictured on one of her first few days at Mainfreight. Image: Laura Blazic.
  • Name: Laura Blazic
  • Degree: Bachelor of Business (Maritime and Logistics Management)
  • Company: Mainfreight
  • Position: Graduate Program
  • Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Laura Blazic has kick-started her career with a place on the graduate program for Mainfreight, a top global logistics provider.

Her days are now spent helping move things around the globe: making sure that shipments for multinational clients are fulfilled, overseeing imports and exports and learning about Mainfreight’s business from the ground up.

She’s gone from a student in Tasmania to a trainee in Sydney, but the enthusiasm and energy she was known for at AMC are as apparent as ever when we speak to her less than a month into her new role.

“It feels absolutely amazing to be working at Mainfreight, and I was so lucky to be offered the opportunity. What’s even better is it’s such a big company, but it has such a family feel, which is the best of both worlds,” Laura said.

She’s ambitious and she knew Mainfreight’s graduate program was for her because it lays the groundwork for future success at a senior level.  

“Mainfreight have the perfect program for someone coming straight out of uni without much industry experience.

“They start you at the beginning and you work your way up, which gives you the necessary knowledge and background information to succeed down the track if you want to move into a managerial position.”

It’s the first rung on her career ladder and, with her typical zeal, Laura explains how she’s been able to jump straight in to the world of work.

“I’m getting on amazingly well! Thanks to everything I learnt during my degree, I walked into my first day at Mainfreight and was able to hit the ground running, especially answering all the questions that I was asked on detailed stuff on shipping and logistics.”

She spent three years at AMC studying for her specialist maritime logistics degree. What were the best bits?

“I loved doing my transport research project in the third year. This involved speaking to seafarers about how changes in the industry were impacting them. It was great to be able to study and research a topic I loved, while being able to apply the knowledge I had from my first and second years.”

“More generally, I think the best thing about AMC is the diversity of cultures. It was absolutely amazing to meet people from all different countries as it helped me learn how things are done in different places.

“Finally, the staff at AMC are absolutely amazing and really made the experience - especially as I was living away from home and moved to somewhere that I'd never been and where I knew no one.”

Laura is very much focused on her new role rather than thinking too much about the future. But, very early on, she was sure that Mainfreight was somewhere she wanted to stick around.  

“After just one day at Mainfreight I knew I wanted to stay with the company."

Published on: 09 Feb 2017