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Maritime economics prize for lecturer

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An AMC researcher has been awarded a prize in a thesis competition hosted by the world’s foremost maritime economics organisation.

Dr Vera Zhang was awarded third prize in the Palgrave McMillian Competition for best PhD theses in Maritime Economics and Logistics, held at the International Association of Maritime Economists conference in Germany in August.

Having been shortlisted, Vera was invited to present her thesis –on Maritime Clusters and their Development Interplay with Ports–at the conference, where it was evaluated by a committee who deemed it to be in the top three internationally.

Having completed her PhD in Singapore, Dr Zhang has been working as a researcher at AMC since January 2016. She explains why the award is significant to her.

“I’m pleased to have been recognised by such a prestigious organisation and I hope it inspires other maritime economics PhD students.”

Published on: 21 Oct 2016