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PhD beckons for naval architecture graduate

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Daniel Clayton at graduation

Naval Architecture graduate Daniel Clayton explains that it’s his “deep and intense desire to learn” that has propelled him through his undergraduate degree—and straight into a PhD at AMC.

“In particular, my enjoyment of the challenges presented by my final year research thesis drove me to pursue further studies in a PhD,” explained Daniel.

His PhD research will involve simulating an explosion next to a frigate (a warship) and then observing the effects this blast has on the longevity of the vessel.

He explains how the research builds on his academic interests and aligns with his career ambitions.

“Research in this area interests me as it affords me the opportunity to build upon my knowledge in numerical analysis, along with a few other fields and skill sets that I have touched upon during my undergraduate studies. 

“I am also thoroughly excited to be able to get involved in the SEA5000 Future Frigate Program—which is looking at the acquisition of nine high-capability future frigates for the Royal Australian Navy—as I have always wanted to pursue a career with Defence in some capacity.”

Throwing himself into university life, Daniel has also been active outside the classroom, holding various positions including Treasurer and President of the Students’ Association. He explains why he was inspired to get involved.

“My motivation came from my attendance at the Seafarers Bar during my first year at AMC, where I was enthralled by the opportunity to talk to my lecturers and other staff members in a relaxed and inviting environment.

“It made a profound impact on me to be able to know the staff in such a manner that I hadn't experienced before outside AMC, which motivated me to join up and see what I could do so far as ensuring there continued to be opportunities for students and staff to mingle.”

Reflecting on his time as an undergraduate, Daniel singles out his time on Bluefin, AMC’s training vessel, as his most memorable experience.

“The trips offered an unparalleled opportunity to gain insight into the significance of my studies, along with a great chance to see the effects of design decisions in a real world setting.”

As he begins his PhD, he hopes to be able to balance his various interests – and thanks those that have helped him get there.

“My aspirations are to be able to try and find some kind of balance between continuing research involving numerical analysis, and research into the defence sector.

“I’d like to sincerely thank the great number of staff I have met at the AMC during my studies who have gone above and beyond to assist me in all manner of ways outside of the lecture theatre.”

Published on: 19 Dec 2016