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Maritime training courses migrate online for convenience, efficiency – and unparalleled realism

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One of AMC Search's online e-Modlets.

Early in 2013, the International Maritime Organisation made changes stipulating that all of the world's seafarers needed to undertake a security awareness short course by the end of the year.

This mandate created unprecedented demand, which couldn't be met by approved training providers. The deadline, inevitably, had to be extended.

The silver lining was AMC Search's decision to develop an online version of the course, designed to be available to any number of students at any one time. Since its launch in 2014, this course has been completed over 2,500 times, with almost half of the registrations originating outside Australia, from countries as diverse as Canada, India, Germany, the US, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and Zimbabwe.

Encouraged by the positive reception to its first online foray, AMC Search set to work developing a second online training course—Crowd Management for Passenger Vessels—to provide mandatory training for crew of passenger vessels. Once again, international registrations were significant.

It became clear that success of the courses outside Australia was due to a combination of AMC's strong international reputation, the access that social media provides to international audiences, and the appeal of the short courses—which can be undertaken in as little as six hours—to individuals who need to undertake training as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Now firmly committed to online training, AMC Search has progressed from mandatory courses to creating bespoke training for individual clients—going as far as simulating their own vessels for a personalised experience.

One example—Contribute to Safe Cargo Operations on Offshore Support Vessels—included the client’s own vessel schematics displayed in 3D interactive modules (called e-Modlets™). With participants experiencing interactive immersion onboard their own vessels, unparalled realism was brought to the course.

The enthusiastic uptake of our online courses to date has led us to invest in further development; combining advanced technology with engaging and interactive experiences via the e-Modlets™.

With some courses better suited for online learning—particularly those that are primarily theory based—the following courses will be available online, as well as face-to-face, from April 2017:

  • Tanker Familiarisation
  • Crisis Management (non Ro-Ro) for Passenger Vessels
  • Safe Bulk Loading
  • General Purpose Hand

More information on courses is available at

Published on: 29 Nov 2016