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Time to give back to those in need, says valedictorian

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Bachelor of Business (Maritime and Logistics Management) graduate Mindy Tan overcame stage fright to deliver an inspirational valedictory speech at the University of Tasmania’s winter graduation ceremony.

Ms Tan was part of the 124-strong Australian Maritime College cohort receiving their hard-earned degrees at Launceston’s Albert Hall on Saturday, 26 August; about 53 of whom attended the ceremony in person.

She urged her fellow graduates to remember the people who helped them achieve their goals, and in turn, to use that gratitude to support those in need as they progressed in their personal and professional lives.

“In the future, most of you will be joining the workforce and some will even pursue a postgraduate degree. Whatever you’ll be doing, I want you to remember the sense of victory you feel today, and especially the help you received to get here,” she said.

“So when you’re back out there, instill a mindset to constantly improve not only yourself, but others too. They say students are the leaders of tomorrow, and true leaders march forward with their army. Guide those who are in need, so your team develops as you do, both as a professional and as a person.”

Delivering the speech was a major achievement that was made even more meaningful as it was witnessed by her parents, who travelled from Penang, Malaysia to attend the ceremony.  

Ms Tan has spent the past three years immersing herself in her studies, making new friends and adjusting to student life in Launceston. She describes the town as “home to the friendliest people in Australia” and her “home away from home”.

Having lecturers rich with industrial experience to nurture and prepare students for industry, and working with like-minded classmates who shared the same passion for the maritime industry were the highlights of her study experience.

She plans to stay in Australia in the near future as she turns her attention to applying for internships in the ports and logistics sector.

“I'm really excited to finally be done with studies and venture into the shipping industry, which is a dynamic one filled with endless possibilities,” she said.

“Other than feeling relieved that all the nights being stressed over assignments are over, I can't help feeling blessed from all the help I've gained to achieve this milestone. There are lecturers and friends who guided me academically, family who's been supportive and my partner who does the cooking and washing when I'm just too busy. After all this, it's time to give back now, to all of them and the community.”

Published on: 13 Sep 2017