Distance Education

No matter where you are in the world, you can study at AMC through its internationally acclaimed Distance Education program. AMC’s unique suite of Distance Education options allows you to take your career to another level. The distance delivery system is first class, the qualifications are world renowned and the jobs are worldwide.

New careers

More than 90 percent of the world’s trade is done by sea and you could be the business mind that keeps it all moving with a course from AMC’s Department of Maritime and Logistics Management. Transport, shipping, international business, ports and terminals and government entities around the globe, for example, need highly skilled management, logistics and technology professionals so why not consider studying in a dynamic, challenging field.

Students looking for careers in various maritime/marine sectors such as conservation, environmental mangement, fisheries and aquaculture production, supply chain management, governmant, NGOs and the tourism industry should consider the range of postgraduate courses through the National Centre for Marine Conservation and Resource Sustainability.

Career upgrade

If you’ve worked or studied in the maritime and logistics or marine-related sectors before, AMC’s courses will upgrade your qualifications, giving you access to a whole new range of professional choices. And you can do it all from the security of your current job and apply for advanced standing that recognises your experience and reduces your study time.