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Circulating Water Channel

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AMC's Circulating Water Channel - the only one in the Southern Hemisphere - is used for a wide range of training, research and development activities associated with fishing gear, and surface and underwater vessels.

A body of water that can move up to 1.5 metres per second, it is used to test the behaviour of structures in currents, such as those related to fisheries teaching, training and research and offshore oil and gas structures such as pipelines and spar buoys.

Situated at Beauty Point, Tasmania, the large test section (11 m x 5 m x 2.5 m deep) in the channel is fitted with a large viewing window so that fishing gear and other vehicles/objects can be closely observed from side on. It is also possible to view items being tested from overhead through a Perspex boat.

Recent use cases include testing model scale fishing gear, understanding the drag and lift of subsea pipeline mats and delivering fishing technology lectures to skippers and crews.