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AMC will be taking over the callsign process from Monday 8 April 2019. In the interim the application process will be as follows:

  1. Applicants should email AMC Amateur Radio including the word CALLSIGN and their last name in the subject line.
  2. The following information should be included:
    1. Licence class
    2. State
    3. Preferred first, second and third letters
  3. AMC will then supply a list of available call signs based on the information supplied.
  4. Applicants can then complete the appropriate AMC Callsign Recommendation Form (below), as well as the ACMA Form Amateur 1 (PDF).

Please read the Policy and Procedures (PDF) document for further information about how to apply.

  Level Description Form Download
Level 1

Next available callsign as appropriate for the licence type. Not selected from the Public List.

Level 1 Callsign Recommendation Form (PDF)

Level 2

First and second preference from the Public List: both preferences are either a two letter callsign from VK 1, 5, 6, 7 or 8 or a three or four letter callsign in any State/Territory.

Level 2 Callsign Recommendation Form (PDF)

Level 3First and, if available, second preference two letter callsign from VK2, 3 or 4, selected from the Public List.

Level 3 Callsign Recommendation Form (PDF)

Level 4

Special event callsign (see Section 2) - this includes callsigns for VK9 and 0.

Level 4 Callsign Recommendation Form (PDF)

Level 5

Repeater or beacon callsign.

  • The AMC manages allocation of callsigns for repeaters and beacons on behalf of the ACMA.  
  • We are not involved with the radio/frequency assignment aspects.
  • If you wish to apply for a callsign for a repeater/beacon, please download and complete Form 5.
  • Return it to with the fee of $30.
  • If the callsign is available, we will forward the recommendation to the ACMA.

Level 5 Callsign Recommendation Form (PDF)