Super feats at annual pasta bridge competition

Weighing-in before the competition

AMC’s Maritime Engineering students proved that pasta is the true “super food”, at the fifth annual Pasta Bridge Competition.
After passing strict admissions checks, 18 bridges were entered in the competition. The bridges had to be made out of nothing but commercially available pasta and glue; had to span 1m, could not exceed 1kg in weight, and had to be wide enough for a model car to pass through.
While many of the bridges looked similar, subtle differences in design and build meant major differences in performance.
“These pasta bridges are like Formula 1 cars – most look the same from a distance, but slight tweaks to their design can enhance their performance dramatically,” said Dr Roberto Ojeda, AMC’s Naval Architecture Degree Course Coordinator and supervisor of the pasta bridge project.
The winning bridge, named “Harder, Stiffer, Stronger” held a weight of 144kg – a super feat for nothing but a kilo of pasta.
Well done to victorious team members, Jack Osborne, Bakari Sammir, Hau Joe Lew and Jeremy Nolan!

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