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Oct 14 2015

Underwater robots rise to challenge

Designing and building an autonomous underwater vehicle is no small feat, but teams of maritime engineering students have drawn on their technical and problem-solving skills to do just that as part of the AUV Design Project.

Oct 5 2015

Racing rats, dynamic decks and serious design

Budding engineers have put classroom theories to the test in two hotly contested annual events, the Rat Trap Boat Race and Skateboard Design Project.

Sep 29 2015

Ship-shape research wins top prize

Shaun Denehy’s research into the interaction between berthed and passing ships has been recognised with the best paper award at the 2015 Coasts and Ports Conference.

Sep 18 2015

Engineering challenges examined in final-year research projects

The culmination of four years’ study is drawing near for AMC’s final-year maritime engineering students, who have been busy completing their major research projects.

Sep 15 2015

Antarctic voyages foster passion for environmental preservation

While safety is a critical aspect on any ship, it is highlighted when working in the harsh, isolated and unpredictable Antarctic environment.