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Dec 16 2015

Maritime training challenges mirrored across the globe

The tropical waters of the Torres Strait and the freezing Arctic region of northern Canada don’t appear to have a lot in common at first glance. Yet they are both home to indigenous populations whose culture and economic prosperity are closely linked to the marine environment and its fishing resources.

Dec 14 2015

Casting new light on ice tongue

Tasmanian researchers are using the latest in modern technology to cast new light on an Antarctic landmark discovered 113 years ago by explorer Robert Falcon Scott.

Dec 10 2015

Reducing noise key to ensuring stealthy ships

Researchers at the Cavitation Research Laboratory are working with national and international collaborators on three key projects investigating different elements of noise reduction for naval vessels.

Dec 9 2015

Submarine study takes shape

Dr Zhi Leong is working on a three-year project to develop a set of numerical modelling tools to test the performance of submarines.

Dec 7 2015

Crew puts simulated icebreaker through its paces

A simulator that trains icebreaker crews to safely navigate polar waters is one step closer to reality, following validation of the virtual model of the Aurora Australis at AMC’s Centre for Maritime Simulations.