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The graduation ceremony will be held on Saturday 9 December 2017 at the Albert Hall, Tamar Street Launceston. It will be preceded by the Town and Gown Procession through the streets of Launceston, commencing at 10.15 am.

For detailed information about graduation, it is important that you visit the University of Tasmania Graduation web page

AMC & IMAS Academic Regalia Hire

Academic gowns for AMC and IMAS students only (except doctoral students) will be handled through AMC. Regalia will be available on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th December 2017, Swanson Building, Room: F90 between 9.30 am and 4.00 pm. Gowns must be collected before 4.00 pm.

After the ceremony, gowns are to be returned to AMC staff at the AMC stand, Room 181 at the Academy of the Arts, Inveresk Campus. All regalia is to be returned by 2.00 pm (i.e. approximately 90 minutes after the close of the ceremony). Total Hire cost $115.00.

Gown Hire Payment (AMC & IMAS students only)


Dr Elizabeth Vagg
Phone: +61 3 6324 9708
  • Gown, Hood & Mortarboard $115.00 (most students will require this option)
  • Gown & Hood $80.00 (If you already have a mortarboard)
  • Hood & Mortarboard $65.00 (If you already have a gown)

To pay for your gown hire, please visit the University of Tasmania Graduation ePayment page.