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At AMC we offer study courses, research and training in the following areas:

Jun 9 2016

Fast boat designs tested on international stage

A team of students will pit their design and engineering skills against competitors from around the globe as they vie for the title of fastest and most energy efficient boat at the 2016 HYDROcontest.

Jun 6 2016

Fault diagnosis tools help get to heart of the problem

Major industrial ventures such as deepwater drilling rely heavily on the safe operation of marine process systems for their success. When a fault or failure occurs within these systems, the results can be devastating to human, environmental and capital resources.

May 31 2016

High school students challenged to create a business in a week

About 350 entrepreneurial secondary students from across the state will compete to see who can create the best model for a new business idea in the Nextgen Business Team Challenge.

May 30 2016

On course for a career in naval architecture

A love of sailing that sparked an interest in the physics behind how yachts work has thrust Nathan Wallace on the pathway to a career in naval architecture.

May 26 2016

Setting the bar for maritime education and training across the globe

The Australian Maritime College at the University of Tasmania is playing a leading role in a pilot project to establish key performance indicators for maritime universities around the world.