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Aug 26 2016

Wave simulation research to help largest vessels ever constructed operate in tough conditions

A researcher at AMC is creating waves that will help the largest vessels ever constructed extract and process natural gas in tough offshore conditions. 

Aug 26 2016

US funding ‘a good sign’ for progress of wave energy technology

The world’s first trial to test wave energy farms at a model scale was carried out at AMC in March this year in a collaboration with Swinburne University of Technology, BioPower Systems Pty Ltd and Carnegie Wave Energy.

Aug 17 2016

Meet the new lecturer whose subject keeps international trade moving

For AMC’s new maritime economics lecturer, her area of expertise is the answer to some of the most important challenges in global commerce.

Aug 4 2016

Can simulators prepare you for life at sea? Pilot study says yes—in certain areas

Working at sea can be tough. Operating in confined spaces, extreme weather and being far away from help in an emergency all contribute to a challenging environment.

Aug 1 2016

Maritime law gets a boost with new appointment

AMC’s new Lecturer in Maritime Law, Dr. Poomintr (Pom) Sooksripaisarnkit, has a challenge ahead of him.