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AMC course combines two loves

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Launceston woman tacking into offshore career

A love of mathematics and an enduring interest in yachts and small craft design was the formula that prompted Maggie-Rose Gilligan to study at the Australian Maritime College.

Maggie-Rose of Launceston, chose to do a Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture) and is presently in the fourth year of the degree.

She said her choice of AMC course came because she wanted to follow her passion for yacht and small craft design as part of a career.

“Naval architecture is all based about boat design so that sparked an interest in me,” she said.

“Growing up I was always around boats and it has been an ongoing passion.

“I’ve always been interested in maths and science so this is a great combination for me.

One of the highlights of her degree was joining the AMC Autonomous Technology Society (AMCAT) and travelling to Saint Tropez in France for a HYDROcontest.

“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I learnt so much from the competition and the experience as a whole,” she said.

“We competed against thirteen other countries and we had to design and build two model boats which we raced and competed.

Maggie-Rose said she enjoyed the community at the AMC.

“Being a small university and all the live classes are all hands on nothing is over the Internet so you really get a feeling for the people in your class and the lecturers as well, you have a great relationships and connection as well,” she said.

She said the broad experience of lecturers from all over the world was a bonus.

“The experience that they bring is really beneficial, not to mention the contacts they have had as well,” she said.

Maggie-Rose said that upon graduation at the end of the year she would move to Perth, Western Australia to work in the offshore energy sector.

“That is really exciting and I am looking forward to it,” she said.

She said the job had arisen through industry contacts at the AMC.”

“I just met people and they were interested in hiring me,” she said.  

To graduate she needed twelve weeks of work experience so that had given her the industry experience that employers were looking for.

She said that the AMC offered a wide range of courses that she would recommend to school leavers.

“If a student is passionate about the field then this is exactly where they should be,” she said.

“Studying at the AMC is not easy, it requires a lot of determination and hard work but the rewards you get from your efforts are more than worthwhile.”

Published on: 09 Sep 2019