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The quickest way to have your course queries answered, is to complete the enquiry form. Your query will then be forwarded to the right person who will get in touch with you directly.


Alternatively, Australian students - can call the UTAS student contact centre on 1300 363 864.

International students should also complete our online enquiry form. Or if you don’t have internet access, you can call +61 3 8676 7017. 


Address - Newnham Campus:                                               

Postal:                                                                                    Street Address:
Australian Maritime College                                                     Australian Maritime College
Locked Bag 1399                                                
                    Maritime Way
Launceston   Tasmania   7250                                                Newnham    Tasmania    7250
Australia                                                                                  Australia

Address - Beauty Point Campus

Postal:                                                                                     Street Address:
Locked Bag 1409                                                                     Wharf Road
Launceston   Tasmania   7250
                                                 Beauty Point 
 Tasmania    7270

General Telephone Enquiries:           Human Resources Enquiries:

(Other than course enquiries - UTAS Switchboard )              To view positons vacant at the Australian Maritime College
T: +61 3 6324 3999                                                                  for both Academic and Professional staff, please click here

Media Enquiries:                                Advertising, Business & 
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E: Send an enquiry email                                                         E:  Send an enquiry email           

Office of Maritime Communications   AMC Search:

T:  1300 365 262                                                                       T: +61 3 6324 9850   
E:                                                           E:
W:                                             W:

Above Board Corporate Newsletter    Alumni Enquiries:

To sign-up or edit your details on the database, please          Please visit our Alumni web page to either update your details
visit the Above Board bi-annual newsletter web page.           on our database or send us your story.