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Fees and Charges

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Examination Fee Schedule - 2019

Description of service - Statutory

Total Price (inc GST)

Examination Fees

Practical Assessment Included if conducted on the same day as a written examination

Practical Assessment
(Stand-alone fee)

NOTE: This fee is only charged if a candidate requests a practical assessment and does not complete a written examination at the same time.


Miscellaneous Fee Schedule

Description of service – Non-statutory

Total Price (inc GST)

Callsign Recommendation - Level 1 (Next Available)


Callsign Recommendation - Level 2
(1st/2nd preference 2 letter callsign VK 1/5/6/7/8 or 3/4 letter callsign in any State/Territory)


Callsign Recommendation - Level 3
(1st/2nd preference 2 letter callsign VK 2/3/4)


Callsign Recommendation - Level 4 (Special Event)


Callsign Recommendation - Level 5 (Repeater/Beacon)


2x1 Contest Callsign$70.00

Recognition of Prior Learning


Reissue of Certificates