Louise Adams (Ward)

Louise Adams (Ward)
Australian Maritime College
Research Interests:
Sustainable Aquaculture Nutrition, Nutrient Requirements and Feed Development for New Aquaculture Species, Digestive Physiology


2000-2004 PhD, University of Tasmania 1999; BAppSc (Hons), Aquaculture, University of Tasmania
Science Building
Ph: (03) 6324 3818
Fx: (03) 6324 3804

I’m interested in the development of sustainable aquaculture feeds for changing culture climates, and in particular assessing new feed ingredients and investigating their efficiency in promoting growth, health and product quality in aquaculture. With increasing availability of feed ingredients for existing species, and the need to develop feeds for new species, my research aims to understand changing nutritional requirements and improve growth by more efficient delivery and utilization of dietary nutrients.
Recent research includes fish meal and oil replacement, protein and lipid requirements, ingredient digestion (gut histology, digestive physiology, enzyme analysis) and nutrient metabolism in salmonids Salmo salar, Onchorynchus mykiss, Salvelinus fontinalis, crustaceans Jasus edwardsii, Penaeus monodon and abalone Haliotis rubra.
Current postgraduate and undergraduate students are engaged in related research programs, and undergraduate teaching includes Aquatic Animal Feeds and Nutrition, Aquaculture Production, Aquaculture Hatchery Production, Aquatic Animal Physiology and Behaviourand Aquatic Biology.