Associate Professor Jonathan Binns

Associate Professor Jonathan Binns
Australian Maritime College
Research Interests:
Applied hydrodynamics, design and analysis of sailing yachts, sailing simulation, design and analysis of naval platforms, design and analysis of offshore structures.

Associate Dean Research, AMC and Director, ARC Research Training Centre for Naval Design and Manufacturing


PhD, MSc, BE (Hons)

PhD Thesis Title:

Extreme Motions of Modern Sailing Yachts
G92 Swanson Building
Ph: +61 3 6324 9847
Fx: +61 3 6335 9337

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Research Project Summary

Jonathan’s research fits within the breadth of maritime platforms and their interaction with the environment are taken into consideration.  Efficient use of waterways is vital to opening up of new environments to sustainable use by economies of the future.  Maritime defence will always play a significant part in all maritime investigations due to the very extreme nature of the operating envelopes of such platforms.

Jonathan’s research interests also lie in leisure industry based research work.  Through Jonathan’s work in sailing simulation, hundreds (if not thousands) of people have been introduced to the healthy sport of sailing.  With collaborators worldwide using the sailing simulators for rehabilitation of spinal cord injury patients, the contribution to reducing the burden on health systems and increasing quality of life is a significant impact.

Teaching Subjects: 
Applied hydrodynamics, small craft design, naval architecture, signal conditioning and data analysis, computer aided design, sailing yacht design, resistance and propulsion.
  • 2005 Awarded the Captain Richards T Millar prize for best paper at the 2005 Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium, USA
  • 2004 Awarded the AMC’s inaugural Rob Lewis Medal for Excellence in Postgraduate Research for work on sailing yacht safety research
  • 2003 Team member for finalist in Australian Sports Awards, Business Innovation Award for continued development of the Sailing Simulator
  • 2003 Team member obtaining Highly Commended award for Engineers Australia, Tasmania Division, Engineering Excellence Awards for Sailing Simulator development
Published Research: 

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