Ocean Seafaring

Ocean Seafaring
Ocean Seafaring

Love the ocean and want to travel?
Been at sea, but want to work ashore?
Got a coastal qualification, but want to work internationally?

As your life evolves, so can your seafaring career, with so many different opportunities both at sea and onshore.

You could choose to take the helm as a deck officer navigating the vessel, or perhaps you'd prefer to be a hands-on engineering officer keeping the ship moving?

AMC can provide you with all the qualifications you need for a rewarding career at sea. Our lecturers have real-life maritime experience, and we offer ocean-going seafarers a natural progression from certificates to undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

So, whether you'd like to take the helm as a deck officer navigating the vessel, or whether you'd prefer to be a high-tech hands-on engineer officer keeping the ship moving, our ocean-going seafaring courses will give you the qualifications you need to work on large merchant vessels including tankers, bulk cargo carriers or passenger liners, throughout Australian and international waters. And if you want to work ashore, you'll have the qualifications for a range of maritime management and engineering positions.


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