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Our Master of Applied Science degree program focuses on the maritime industries.

Delivered by distance, the following specialisations are available:

  • Shipping Operations Management
  • Marine Engineering

The program – which incorporates a Graduate Certificate and a Graduate Diploma as entry and exit points - provides you with in-depth exposure to a broad range of technical, operational and commercial topics critical to effective and efficient maritime operations management. The offer of two specialisations enables you to select a named pathway to suit your own particular interest.

This program is also suited to professional and technical personnel interested in entering the industry, as well as seafarers who are contemplating a shore-based career.

The aims of the program are to provide:

  • a pathway for professional development if you are already involved in maritime operations
  • an opportunity for professional seafarers contemplating a shore-based career to broaden their knowledge and skill base
  • an entry point for professional and technical personnel interested in entering the maritime industries.

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