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Our suite of specialist maritime research and learning facilities are the most advanced in the Southern Hemisphere.

They are used intensively by students, researchers, defence organisations, government bodies and international industry partners, who rely on them to innovate and develop new designs, undertake research to improve efficiency and safety, train seafarers and teach students.

Our hydrodynamic facilities include a one hundred metre long Towing Tank and Model Test Basin, both in demand for modelling experiments and observing how model-scale vessels will react in different conditions.

AMC's recently upgraded Cavitation Laboratory is unique within Australia. It is used to test submerged structures such as submarines and ship hulls in order to understand how water flows around them and how bubbles are formed.

A state-of-the-art Maritime Simulation Centre offers real-time simulation technology for learning and training without the cost and risk of using real vessels. It included a full-mission ship's bridge, a tug simulator, six ship operations bridges and an engine room simulator.

We are currently establishing one of the world's best equipped autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) research facilities, with a fleet of underwater robots for sub-sea and Antarctic exploration.

Other facilities include training vessels, survival centres and engineering workshops.

Our Facilities