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Latest News

TasPort's new tugboat a Force to be reckoned with

22 Jun 2021

TasPorts welcomes RT Force, the first Rotortug operating on the East Coast of Australia

A New First - AMC Alumnus becomes deepest diving Australian & Sub Pilot

02 Jun 2021

DSSV Pressure Drop, Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean.

Eric Gubesch - 2020 IMarEST Laurie Prandolini Research Fellowship

02 Jun 2021

A career change prompted by a desire to see greater use of renewable energy.

Alumnus makes a historical splash by diving to the deepest point on earth

28 May 2021

Australian Maritime College (AMC) graduate Tim Macdonald travels to the deepest depth of the ocean in a sub he helped design and build.