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Governance and Privacy

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Privacy Policy

An agreement between University of Tasmania (UTAS) / Australian Maritime College (AMC) and the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) delegates certain powers under section 122A (1) of the Radiocommunications Act 1992 (the Act), which enables AMC to fulfil its role in accordance with the Deed of Agreement and to perform the Statutory Functions and Services (SFAS) required. These statutory functions are:

  1. issuing marine radio operator certificates of proficiency under section 121 of the Act;
  2. conducting marine radio examinations as an approved body or organisation for the purposes of section 122 of the Act; and
  3. referring applications for the marine radio operators certification to the ACMA under section 122A(2) of the Act where the delegate has decided not to issue the certificate.

The Privacy Act 1988 imposes obligations on the ACMA in relation to the collection, security, quality, access, use and disclosure of personal information. As a delegate of the ACMA for the purposes of issuing marine radio certificates of proficiency, these obligations also apply to AMC. Details of the obligations are located in the ACMA Privacy policy.