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Student Support

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A dedicated team of AMC and UTAS staff members provide a range of academic and personal support, including information about a wide range of accessible community services.

If you are a first year AMC student and in need of advice, such as course and or unit selection or any other issues related to your course enrolment, please contact your Year Coordinator:

Maritime Engineering Students
Nick Johnson
T: +61 3 6324 3533

Marine Engineering Students
Rabiull Islam
T: +61 3 6324 9751

Deck Officer Students
Neil Pereira
T: +61 3 6324 9833

Maritime and Logistics Students
Vera Zhang
T: +61 3 6324 9476

Resolving Issues at AMC

Should you require assistance during your time at the AMC/University of Tasmania, please visit the Resolving Issues web page.

For assistance, support or advice on more general matters or those of a personal nature, please contact:

Student Team
Newnham Campus

Make an appointment
T: 1300 826 663

Student Services
Launceston Campus
Student Centre Kerslake

T: +61 3 6324 3787
F: +61 3 6324 3788