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Marine Satellite Communications Endorsement (MSCE)

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The MSCE qualification consists of a 25 multi-choice question paper (duration 30 minutes with a 70% pass mark) examination and a practical component. The practical component may be conducted by either by the invigilator or another person nominated by the invigilator.

Applicants require an understanding of:

  • The concepts underlying the Inmarsat satellite system, including location of satellites, global coverage, ocean regions, network coordination and control stations and land earth stations.
  • The worldwide rescue coordination centre (RCC) network and automatic routing of distress messages.

Applicants require a detailed knowledge of:

  • Transmission and reception of distress alerts.
  • The procedures to be used should a false distress alert be inadvertently transmitted.
  • Transmission and reception of priority alerts.
  • The Enhanced Group Calling system for reception of Maritime Safety Information.

Applicants require a knowledge of:

  • The functionality of Inmarsat C and Fleet 77 equipment.
  • Antenna stabilisation and shadows.
  • The messaging facilities provided by Inmarsat C.
  • Logging-in and logging-out of Inmarsat C.
  • Two digit code safety services.
  • Interfacing with navigational equipment and manual position updating of Inmarsat C.
  • Authorised users of SafetyNET.
  • How to perform testing of equipment to ensure functionality of Inmarsat C equipment.
  • Radiation hazards associated with Inmarsat equipment installations.
  • Demonstrate a practical knowledge of marine radio operations and equipment.